Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Service down" = "time to play"

CrazyEgg keeps it fun even in bad situations. Their "service down" page features a mini Flash game, to divert your attention and anger while you are waiting for the services to come back.

Spicing the mundane system error pages with jokes has become a good tradition for web-20. Here is a good blog about it.

What sets this example apart is that the game is custom-branded. And, since the chance of seeing it should be pretty low (ideally), the users may appreciate that extra time CrazyEgg puts in such things.

If you are interested in Flash games, or are looking for game engines to brand them for your site, visit www.theoworlds.com.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TheoWorlds.com launches Birthday Cake Decorator ecard

We just finished working on our latest project. It's a birthday ecard. You can decorate a virtual cake and send it to your friends or even embed it in your website/blog!

We extended the engine we used for our Christmas and Valentine's Day ecards by adding more features and increasing the performance.

The ecard was developed for our client Pimp.MyYearbook.com . You can check the Birthday Cake Decorator ecard here: http://pimp.myyearbook.com/toys/birthdaycake/ (scroll to the bottom).

We plan to create a similar version of Birthday Cake Decorator and make it available for licensing. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April Fool's Day! Google introduces Gmail Paper.

Here, at TheoWorlds.com, our motto is "Make your message fun". We believe in the power of humor and that a good joke can go a long way. Humor is extremely viral and can supercharge your message. In the worst case, they will be just be laughing... at you.

Today is April 1st, and the intenet is just bursting with great jokes.

Google, the internet leader, released today Gmail Paper - a way to get hard copies of your emails... by mail. Go check their Gmail homepage, or read this post by David Berkowitz (screenshots are attached in case Google removes it tomorrow).

"Do no evil" and "Make your message fun"! Happy April Fool's Day!