Thursday, January 10, 2008

Theo Christmas ecard helps raising money for a non-profit

We mentioned on a previous post that Citizens Bank of Canada used TheoWorlds' ecard to sponsor their food drive. We are happy to announce that the drive was a success. Maureen Mccartney, the Web Marketing Manager at Citizens Bank of Canada wrote us (quoted with her permission):

"I wanted to thank you for all the support you provided during our recent launch of our Gingerbread holiday ecard fundraiser for the Canadian Food Banks.

When Citizens Bank of Canada needed to customize the card and make changes to coding and implement it, your company was always there, working tirelessly with our developers to see us completely through the process. You had a very short turnaround time to make it all happen and you delivered! Thanks for helping us raise $5000 for a worthy cause."

Ecards are a very effective tool for fund-raising as they help spreading the word. And for a value of $499 for a license - it's a real deal (we did not charge any extra for the support).

Do you run a non-profit or plan on having a fund-raiser? Consider contacting Theoworlds - we can help spread your message on the web.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

2 million birthday ecards

Back in April 2007 we created a Birthday Cake Decorator ecard for

In less than nine months there has been more than 2 million birthday ecards created!

The Birthday Cake Decorator is part of a series of ecards we have created in the past years. Each of them won the Macromedia/Adobe Site of The Day. You can check the rest of the ecards here: