Monday, February 26, 2007

Working on Flash avatars

Just something we've been working on "behind the curtains"...

Our animators are creating a couple of new avatar characters, that could be used with our TheoAvatar chat. I'm attaching a small preview.

You can notice the lady is not dressed for the winter season. That's because we start with our characters half-naked and then add layers of clothes on top of it. It gives the possibility to mix-and-match the clothing, creating many different combinations.
Our new characters have a higher quality, more details and smoother animation. Plus, the fact that it's bitmap makes it fast for Flash to work with them...

Feel free to contact us if you need custom characters for your chats or games.


Eric Gilmore said...

I am actually working on something similar for my MFA thesis and have beenc omparing different engines (electrotank, moock, etc.) and am interested in your isometric engine, looks great. Keep up the good work. You don't have academic grants for me to look through/use your source to build upon, do you?

Eric said...

Hello, Eric
Savannah College of Art and Design?
Very nice! I just traveled to Savannah in February and spent there a couple of days. What a nice town!

Our code is available for sale in form of SDK on our website. Unfortunately, we don't offer academic grants. But, as we launch the TheoSDK2, we will consider offering big discount to TheoSDK1. But it will take a while for us to release v2.

We'll keep posting about the progress on our blog.

Good luck with your studies.


Anonymous said...

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bernard said...

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