Friday, July 13, 2007

Running TheoAvatar on SmartFoxServer

In order to run TheoAvatar 1.2.2 on SmartFoxServer, you will need to use 1.4.x version or older, which is available for download here:

PRO Win:

PRO Linux:

Basic Win:

Basic Linux:

Here is the 1.4.2 (for SFS PRO) patch page -->

Note that if you purchase SmartFoxServer 1.5.x license, it will
also work for 1.4.x, as it's independent from server version.

Thanks to Marco Lapi ( for providing this info.


David Andres said...

hi duds
im my company we buy Theoworlds, but we have a problem. We need to load Theoworld in a conainter, but its doesnt work
Our site is in AS 2.0 with Flash 8, but Theo is in AS 1.0, with Flash 6.

Do un know how to make it work
write me to said...


Are you trying to load it into an existing mc, into an AS2 website?

Please email us to for the support. This post is related to SmartFoxServer.