Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TheoLabs: updates on TheoWorlds Builder v2

TheoWorlds Builder v2 (TheoSDK 2) - the next generation platform for building online games and avatar chat worlds (currently in development) - has been updated with new features:

  • Mouse support. Now you can use the mouse to move your character around.
  • Path finding algorithm. Calculates the shortest walk path for the characters. Supports elevations ("hills") and collision detection (avoiding obstacles like other characters).
  • Chatting. Avatars can now exchange text messages.
  • Avatar bots. Characters that are controlled by computer. In this example they randomly walk around the map and chat.
Here is the link that demonstrates those features:

Check the blog posts for other updates on this project.

For those who are interested in this product, but don't want to wait for the release, check TheoAvatar SDK and TheoSDK - our existing platforms for creating online games and multi-user 3D chats like TheoAvatar in Flash. Both come with Map Editor, source code and documentation.