Monday, December 15, 2008

Theo MapEditor v2 is out!

Theo MapEditor v2 (beta) is now available online! It is part of our TheoWorlds Builder v2 SDK - the next generation platform for building online games and virtual worlds (currently in beta) .

TheoWorlds Builder is available for an early purchase in our online store.

Check the past blog posts for other updates on this project.

For those who are interested in this product, but don't want to wait for the release, check TheoAvatar SDK and TheoSDK - our existing platforms for creating online games and multi-user 3D chats like TheoAvatar in Flash. Both come with Map Editor, source code and documentation.


Graham said...

As an isometric multiuser game developer for the shockwave / director platform, this impresses me by far more then other flash engines. I admit I had not thought too highly of your first engine but, this engine has me highly impressed.

Keep up the good work!
-Gray said...

Thank you. We learn as we go, and we've learned a lot during the past years.

But we also plan to improve and extend this engine.