Monday, March 05, 2007

How fast is our Flash isometric engine

A lot of questions on our Flash isometric engine ( are about performance. The most common one is: how many characters can we have on one map, without a significant slowdown. We did put together a simple performance demo:

It's a large map with 20 characters moving simultaneously and using collision detection. As you can see, it runs just fine.

This test doesn't do any network synchronization (which is used in mutiplayer games and chats). It just tests the Flash rendering/calculation speed. In out TheoAvatar chat we limit the number of users per room to 10. It's not because of synchronization issues, but because having overcrowded chat rooms makes it very difficult to communicate. It's better to have multiple smaller rooms.

If you want to create your own Flash games and chats using our engine, check the information on TheoSDK and TheoAvatar SDK pages.


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