Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Learning to play Blackjack

If you ever go to Vegas, I have a tip for you - stick to Blackjack. It gives you the highest chances of winning, and you have some control over the game. Nothing will drain you faster of money as the mindless pulling of a "slut-machine" handle. As an alternative, you can just sit by the bar, play video Blackjack and rotate your ten bucks for half an hour. The drinks are free while you are playing! Just don't forget to leave a tip.

In order to lose your money slower (forget about winning in Vegas) you have to learn the Blackjack rules. The basics are simple, but when it comes to double ups, split hands and things like that - there is more to remember. You can find the complete table with all the right moves for every possible combination on the web. The best way to engrave them in your brain is to practice playing. You can do it online and for free at:

We created this version of Blackjack for the History Channel website. It will give you tips on each hand and will help you remember the right moves.

Good luck!


damon said...

Some basic blackjack strategies are not difficult to master. I think the most common blackjack strategy is to double down,split to double or triple your bet. You must also know basic card counting skills if you want to win.

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