Thursday, September 27, 2007

SmartFoxServer announces BlueBox - connect through firewalls and proxies!

BlueBoxgotoAndPlay() announced BlueBox today - a new SmartFoxServer add-on designed to allow connections behind firewall and proxies. Once the add-on is installed, the Flash client will be able to redirect its connection to the BlueBox, if a direct socket connection is not available.

Excerpt from their website:
"BlueBox enables players under restricted network configurations to play and enjoy fast multiplayer apps and games with little to no noticeable performance loss. All existing SmartFoxServer applications can take advantage of the BlueBox without any code change!
Just recompile your SWF files with the provided API and you're up and running."

Though solutions like that existed before, known as "http-tunneling", gotoAndPlay() claims to use a better modification that uses less traffic.

Still marked as "beta", it will be a great addition to SmartFoxServer.

P.S. My contact at Electrotank informs me of a similar solution that is in development.


Anonymous said...

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